Rent A Car To Sleep, Eat


TOKYO: Car rental operators in Japan are now facing a strange trend of customers when they find that many rented vehicles have low travel distances or are not driven at all. To find out the cause of the trend, some car rental companies made a survey and the results of the study were very interesting when they found that many customers rent a vehicle for various reasons besides driving and taking them to a location.

NTT Docomo Company told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, a study last year revealed one in eight customers use a rental car service not for transportation purposes. A large number of customers say, they rent because it is just to sleep or relax in it and some say, the car is made a quiet and comfortable place to chat on the phone with friends, family members or business associates. "Usually the only place I can sleep for a while while visiting my customers is a cyber cafe, but renting a car to sleep for only a few thousand yen is the same as being in a cyber cafe," said a man in Tokyo.



Some customers say they rent a car just to eat in it, watch television, wear Halloween costumes and to do facial exercises to get a sharp face and charge the phone. The main advantage of renting a car other than driving is that it is cheap and easy to find and customers can book using the application on mobile phones. The rental rate for 30 minutes is only 400 yen (RM15) and the car will be delivered to any car park available throughout Japan. "Cars can be used as personal space. Customers use our vehicles for uses we never expected,”said an NTT Docomo spokesperson.


In Malaysia, the car sharing industry is growing. There are many companies that have started a joint venture in the development of the car sharing concept business. There are also several applications online that offer car rental with the concept of car sharing. By this concept, the public who have a surplus car can generate income through car sharing program. Besides that, there are still rental car operators in Malaysia who still run business as usual. For example like Kereta Sewa Subang Jaya company. The company still uses facilities such as websites, FB and so on as a medium for booking a rental car. Interested car rental customers, can continue to make rental car bookings via call or Whatsapp.